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The Brand

Bruna Malucelli’s aim is to enhance beauty and create unique and flattering designs celebrating women of all shapes and sizes for their individuality, letting women shine and feel empowered as they are.

Being born and raised in Brazil, a country famous for its swimwear know-how, Bruna uses her Brazilian swimwear expertise to develop products that are high quality and that will make you feel amazing and your true self while wearing it.

Our newest collections are made with bouclé with elastane, a never before used fabric in the swimwear industry, and are all embellished with embroidered designs. The combination between the bouclé fabric and the embroidery designs makes Bruna Malucelli’s suits one of a kind.

We are committed to ethical production and we are part of the conscious consumption movement and we always want to encourage our customers to think about the origin of their swimwear.

Bruna Malucelli’s suits are all cut by hand and sewed by a small Brazilian factory, consisted of four seamstress along with the couple that owns the place. We work closely with their team to make sure that the quality standards of our products are met.

Our suits are all made with OekoTex certified fabrics and embroidered with threads that are also OekoTex certified. And 100% of our fabrics are sourced from a Brazilian mill that values sustainable practices.

Be assured that when acquiring one of our suits, you’ll be taking to the beach a one of a kind and high quality suit that was made with great care and consideration towards you and the environment.