Hi everyone,

I wish I had better news but, as you know, Covid-19 continues to spread.

We're a small brand facing an unknown future like many of you guys, but let's not forget to stay calm and be thankful for our homes and health.

Let's thank medical professionals, restaurant workers, truck drivers, warehouse workers, sanitation workers, farmers, grocery store workers, delivery people and many more who are putting their life at risk for a greater good.

In the meantime, we’re available online (working from home) so you can shop a bikini for when Summer arrives. Our delivery window may take longer than usual and our return policy is extendended to 35 days. 

More than ever we should make conscious choices. We need to shop smart and change our behavior for a greater future.

Buy from small brands. Buy one. Don’t buy a lot. Buy one piece that’s really special and unique and enjoy it through the summer. #pompomyourself

We will keep in touch on Instagram and via e-mail. 

Sending love from Brazil.

X, Bruna.